Cleaning Your CA$H Consciousness

Money Freedom Structure Stytem

Is your money manifestation mucked up? 

Is your budget always going bust? 

Is your wealth wobbling? 

Class Starts September 14, 2023 8 PM Eastern on Zoom

Yes! Free My Money Structure Now!

Now is the perfect time for a Soul Structured journey into Your Money Matrix rewriting patterns and programs
so you are able to reach more people and
have the level of impact Your Soul truly desires.

This 13-week program is designed to disengage and neutralize all energetic chords of attachments to your entities.

Those parasitic consciousnesses that feed on any energetically charged negative thoughts and or emotions when you are engaging in money matters, as well as other life events.

These parasites are constantly re-stimulating and disrupting your nervous system. It's time for them to go!

Even if it's origin of attachment was passed down through the bloodlines/ancestral/generations, or even from past lives!

Then to neutralize the charge in your energy field that attracted the entities in the first place.

Your Soul does most of the work while you sit back and soak in the Soul-to-Soul guided transmissions.

You will develop an awareness of Your Own Soul's Truth and The Truth of Money.

Giving you an Internal System of Magnetizing Money so that you, as a United Soulful-Self, can naturally experience greater vitality.

Knowing yourself as abundant and truly prospering with the joy, love and ease of Your Unique Soul.

When you attend “Cleaning Your Cashflow Consciousness - Money Freedom Structure Stytem” you will easily and quickly:

✔ Discover and develop a knowingness of grace and have grace available for you in all life situations.

✔ Connect with your multiple Money Mentors, Managers and Guardians of Universal Love and Light, so you feel safe and protected through the entity removal and restructuring process.

✔ Dissolve, disarm and dismantle ancient outdated toxic money patterns.

✔ Restore your nervous system to its original design so you have greater ease and flow with money. Even as you grow to bigger and bigger financial plans!

✔ Increase your self-worth so you always feel enough.

✔ Realize a greater self-confidence and self-expression to speak your truth, even in difficult conversations.

✔ Develop strength to eliminate debt so you are not living on borrowed time and draining your bank account.

✔ Open and liberate your vitality, abundance and prosperity patterns to allow the free flow of money to pour into your life.

✔ Restore your money relationship to its healthy prosperous patterns.

✔ Realize Your Money Freedom deep in your mind, emotions, and body.

✔ Develop Your Money Magnet so you know how to call money into your life to meet your needs and desires.

✔ Birth you dreams into reality consistently as you will learn to attract financial opportunities with ease.

✔ Return to joy as a natural expression for a more fulfilling life.

✔ Receive Your Special Bonus Personalized Money Freedom Elixir created by Sonya.Discover & develop a knowingness of grace and have grace available in all life situations.

Laser Focus one on one sessions with Sonya where she will focus on either your money challenges, or focus on your money goals. Choose from either 3 (three) 30 minute sessions, or 1 (one) 90 minute session. Together with the guidance of Your Soul and Divine Support, you will gain clarity for your next steps into your favorable money relationship and also have a plan to give you ideal results.

With your permission and through our Soul to Soul connection, Sonya will create YOUR Personalized Money Freedom Elixir. Your Money Freedom Elixir will give you continued enhancement, alignment and supported growth for your money relationship.

About Sonya

Sonya, your “Soul Communication and Self Restructuring Coach” has taught thousands her step-by-step alignment method so they overcome internal obstacles and be more powerful and purposeful in their business and life. Sonya’s highly desired programs include Adventure to Your Self Mastery, Soul Language, Sacred Partnership with Money and Cleaning Your CA$H Consciousness. She is an exceptional synthesis of business expertise and healing wisdom.  Her clients exist of high-level leaders, founders and global masters. Her unique fusion of compassionate intuition, real life examples and empowering presence, connect with her audience at a heartfelt level, making her a highly sought-after speaker, facilitator and coach.  Whether Sonya is being interviewed or speaking to international audiences, she ignites the atmosphere with her empowering information, accurate insights and impactful results. The power of what Sonya teaches has helped clients on four continents understand how to communicate clearly with themselves, so they can clearly communicate with the world.


Will I get a recording of our classes?

Yes! Within 24 hours, after class has finished, the recording will be added to the Moonclerk web link for you to listen, or re-listen to. Each class will be titled for your convenience.

How long will I have access to the class recordings?

You will have lifetime access to the class recordings through the Moonclerk web link which will be provided at the start of our 13-weeks together.

How do I best use the recording of classes?

Each class is designed to clean and clear, and/or connect to a specific purpose or goal. Should you have that specific purpose, challenge or goal come up again - because life happens - you could re-listen and receive the transmission again to clean and clear and/or connect to that specific purpose. Similar to a refresh or a reboot, or even a tune-up.

How much of a time investment is necessary beyond the weekly 90-minute class?

The following is optional, but I highly recommend a Morning Sacred Practice. Even as little as 5 minutes a day is enough, or up to an hour or more would be great too! Whatever works for you each day. Any amount of time invested in your Soul Aligned Relationship with Yourself will ALWAYS be beneficial. We’ll learn more about this in our first class.

Will I be able to do whatever I learn in CY$C-MFSS?

Yes! The commitment you have to Your Money Relationship and Your Soul Connection will do the majority of the work for you. Your consistency is all that is required.

Will what I learn in CY$C-MFSS be permanent?

Yes, provided you don’t recreate your old money patterns. This is why we will come together to work with your money relationship for 13-weeks. So you will build a consistency and permanency in your new money patterns, programs and relationships as a whole.

What is the Money Freedom Elixir?

Each Money Freedom Elixir is created through a permission based connection of our Souls, which also includes a conscious connection to the Deva Nature Intelligence of Money and a conscious connection to the Deva Nature Intelligence of Bach Flower Essences, with the purpose to give continued enhancement, alignment and supported growth for the unique money relationship of the student of my Soul to Soul connection.

How do I best use My Money Freedom Elixir?

One to three drops under your tongue or in a glass of water. I would advise using it just before you work with any money. For example: Use it before shopping, paying bills, reconciling a bank statement or making a financial agreement of any kind. Using it at times you would like enhancement, alignment, and/or support in your money relationship. Use it at your discretion. In general, less is more.

Will I be able to get a refill of My Money Freedom Elixir?

Yes, with a request and a $27 fee that includes shipping and handling within the USA. International orders will have an additional shipping fee.


WOOHOO... instantaneous Universal affirmation of my intuitive worth with helping people generate $$$!!!!! 😍

"Oh My Gosh Sonya... I just have to share something with you!!!  About 1/2 hr after our call ended I saw an on-line of a woman entrepreneur introducing a new offering based upon a suggestion I gave her!  She says my name on the live and actually credited me for the idea for this offering!!!!! WOOHOO... instantaneous Universal affirmation of my intuitive worth with helping people generate $$$ !!!!! 😍" 

Kimberley Trefz, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher


I just received a $1,000 day today!!! We just talked about this last night!!! 

"I just received a $1,000 day today!!! We just talked about this last night!!!

3 patents received this morning for my Thai L2 course happening in December in Massachusetts." 

Rishi Eric Infanti, 9 time Author, US Marine, Founder Male Academy


This very special presentation of “Cleaning Your CA$H Consciousness - Money Freedom Structure System” by Sonya is exactly what you have been looking for. 

Bring your willingness to receive because Sonya Nagy, Intuitive Alignment Master, Soul Communication & Self Restructuring Coach, will light you up with your empowering soul as she delivers. 

Class Starts September 14, 2023 8 PM Eastern on Zoom